Startinking to blog

Finally I did it.  Or better I asked someone to do it.  Defining a space where I can write down and share my idea’s about world problems, mostly those which are dancing in my head, and with my lack of going to pubs every day, has to come out.

For most of these problems other people have other solutions, which I, for one reason or the other do not like, or I have not read or heard about it.  That’s why I will try here to write about it, and ask you to tell me if this problem has been solved in the meantime to prevent I spend more time on trying to convince people and make myself completely ridiculous.

But take care: it is possible that the current solution is just not satisfying enough for me, and I prefer making myself ridiculous, than letting it happen for the rest of the time like that.

For not feeling alone in ridiculous mode, I am willing to let other people blog in the same space, as long as they are willing to put their own name under it.    I am very tolerant for people with other idea’s, as long as they are not racist or attacking  people on a level in private space.  Stupid behaviour is not considered private space.  Having sex is.

I have made different levels of subjects in my blog, so that people do not have to read my complete nonsense about politics while being interested in my idea’s about innovation or start-ups.

So dear readers, thanks for your attention, comments, inspiration and contribution.

Stefan Schippers

Hoping to be as interesting as this one: John Cleese – a lecture on creativity.


  • Guy Mertens

    Beste Stefan,

    knap initiatief. Ik zie je kritische berichten tegemoet! Veel succes met de blog.


  • Els Lowet

    Ik wist niet dat er ook een schrijver in je zat, knap!

  • yurtdisi egitim

    is deze website beschikbaar in het Engels?

    • Stefan Schippers

      The idea was blogging in both Dutch or (not and) English , depending on subject

    • Stefan Schippers

      Maybe this was a bit unclear: the blog is divided into several blog pages, each with their specific subject. startups, politics (mainly in Dutch), innovation, One way kegs, business Angel and this general blog page (About all the rest :) )